Welcome Brina to our Mixmag cover! We are so happy to have you! How have you been doing? What have you been up to lately?

Hey there! I’ve been doing fantastic, thanks for asking. Lately, I’ve been touring lots, playing many gigs.

Originally, you come from Slovenia, a stunning place surrounded by nature and lovely architecture. What’s distinctive about the place you grew up in, and how did it shape your artistic vision?

Slovenia gave me a real, authentic, and deep relationship with nature. Whenever I return home, I love getting lost in the valleys near my hometown, walking around, and feeling connected. This is my innate Slovenian trait.

On the other hand, my country also gave me a strong desire to explore the world. Coming from a small town, I always wanted to discover new places and parts of myself.

What is fascinating about “We Know EP” is its great connection between the atmospheric vibes, a sort of old-school trance and melodic techno, something more diverse than your previous one, “Births”. Tell us, what did you consider when you started the production? And How long have you been working on it?

“We Know” was a journey and a natural body of work that I am super proud of. Especially as it is more diverse and different from my previous releases.

It all came together relatively quickly once the melody was down and just came into its own.

“Arpeggio” is so good! It delivers a mixture of sounds of the past, present, and future; we are curious about this composition because it is totally different than ‘We Know,’ which has seductive vocals. “We Know,” besides its vocals, gives us a feeling full of emotions. Last but not least, we have “Days of Glory,” a song that conveys a new era for you; what is the story about this one?

The entire project of “We Know EP” had to do with the connection between us and nature.

So, each track symbolizes this, which is why they seem very different, but they are still super connected and tell their own story.

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