Hello, Sainte Vie! Thank you for having us. We understand that you began your musical journey as the leader of a band, Polar, during your adolescence in the alternative rock scene of Mexico City. Later, you discovered electronic music in Paris, a journey that transcends both geographical and stylistic boundaries. How do these origin experiences, in both rock and electronic music, converge in your current musical approach?

Hi! Thank you so much for having me! I am actually still heavily influenced by Rock music. I listen to a lot of Rock music, definitely one of my favorite genres! Sometimes I compose a rock song first with the guitar and then I turn it into an electronic track.

The way Rock music portrays and carries certain emotions really speaks to me, and I love to combine that with the endless possibilities the electronic music world has to offer in terms of sound design and innovation.

Moving between different places like Mexico, France, and New York has undoubtedly had an impact on your music. In your view, have these experiences shaped your sonic identity? Did you absorb distinctive elements and references from each place you lived?

Definitely! I think every second of my life has an impact on my music. I try to learn, move and travel as much as I can to get inspired and to live new experiences that will trigger my emotions and will make me want to share more about my journey, will make me want to express my feelings through music.

Learning, moving and traveling could be considered the fuel of my creative process. As you mentioned on question 1, Mexico was my first contact with music, mainly rock music. France was my first proper contact with electronic music and New York is the place where I developed my love and passion for electronic music (I studied Music Technology and Sound Design in New York and after graduating I started my career as Sainte Vie there).

Today, your primary style is Melodic Techno, a genre that has been gaining prominence in the underground electronic music scene and occasionally breaking through to the mainstream. How do you perceive this rise in popularity, and in what ways do you seek to differentiate what you play and produce from others?

I can’t speak for everyone but what I personally love about this genre is the cinematic feel, the super innovative sound design, and of course as the name of the genre says it already: the melodies in it.

As an artist, I believe that building a strong and unique musical identity is something that comes naturally as long as you focus on connecting with your unique self, expressing what’s inside you, focus on telling your own story and stay away from copying others.

In the end, every single human in this world is different and that can also be applied to art if you want to. Embrace and explore your uniqueness, your personality. We are all different by default. I also think playing my live set (exclusively my compositions from start to finish) helps me.

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