Along your musical journey, you have shared the stage and the studio with many musicians, some of them became close friends, others a source of inspiration. Have you ever felt that at some point, some artists have lost their individuality in the scene due to the hype of certain events?

Yeah lots, I think in these times being an artist is becoming less and less about the music and more about your brand and being a content provider. There are fewer artists that are really breaking the mold and doing something different.

But there are also lots of amazing artists still and so much good music out there if you look, I think the scene is just a very different place now to where it was a few years back, but as an artist you just have to evolve with it.

How much prep do you put into the tracks you choose to play?

I prepare a lot and always dig for great new music, I consider this is really important, but you can’t really prepare so much for a live audience and when and where to drop a certain track, and that’s what I love about DJing is the unpredictability of not knowing what a crowd will be like, but when you have an amazing audience and can take them anywhere it’s incredible.

As an outstanding artist, how important is it for you to raise awareness in topics like ‘diversity in the lineups or ‘mental health in the industry’?

It’s super important, and I feel like both are heading in the right direction.

Mental health definitely needs to be talked about more as it’s such an important part of being an artist that so many people suffer with.

Any creative job I feel is tough, and so many people struggle with it.

Once you mentioned that Brazil is one of your favourite places in the world. What makes it so unique for you?

I love Brazil! The people, the parties and amazing places. I stayed the whole month of December when I was only supposed to stay for a week.

I got an apartment in Rio on the beach, went surfing every day and made some amazing music, I can’t wait to come back.

To wrap it up, What is 2023’s schedule?

Lots of music, touring, and enjoying life, I decided to start trying to enjoy life more, worry less about being an artist and its success and just enjoy the process more.

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